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Satellite Solutions for Businesses of Tomorrow

Our satellite solutions play a crucial role in transforming business, advancing economies, and enabling tomorrow’s smart cities.

As a leading satellite solutions provider, we power telecommunication networks that connect the world, and enable new possibilities for businesses through our extensive suite of products and services that span design, manufacturing, integration, launch management services and ground operations, as well as imagery and geospatial analytics solutions.

What We Do

Shaping the Future of How the World Connects

Today, we power many of the world’s satellite networks that keep people and businesses connected across mobility, enterprise and government markets.

Our satellite platforms set the benchmark in performance and efficiency, with satellite communications solutions driving economies, supporting education initiatives, raising productivity, saving lives and enabling smart cities. With our solutions, you can deliver high-quality voice, video and data connectivity anywhere in the world.

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Sensing and Analysing Planet Earth

Through high-quality satellite imagery and advanced geospatial solutions, we map the earth to reveal insights that empower more effective decision-making.

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Next Generation Earth Observation Satellite

From satellite design, manufacturing and integration, to managing launch and ground operations, we enable new possibilities and transform how businesses operate.

As one of the leading satellite manufacturers in Asia, we have full manufacturing and assembly capabilities dedicated for satellite design, testing and manufacturing.  Adopting a customer-centric approach and innovative technology, backed by relentless research and development, we design and manufacture advanced satellites for various earth observation applications.


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