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Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation are vital to maintaining ST Engineering's position as a leading global provider of technology, defence and engineering solutions in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. By challenging conventions, embracing new paradigms and redefining perspectives, we aspire to do better each time – engendering concepts and ideas that transcend the ordinary.

We forge a supportive culture of innovation that enables engineers to dream and push the frontiers of technology and engineering. From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space, we have left our marks in the form of game-changing solutions that shape a better future.

We lead and believe in open innovation. We create communities where members are willing to and capable of co-creating and innovating with us. We harness collective genius and grow the community's capabilities in concert with innovators we partner with, to further the innovative engineering possibilities that we can create in the ecosystem.

Towards Unmanned Waters

Imagine vessels navigating autonomously, with their routes plotted and controlled by computers located on shore, and ship management systems making rational decisions and issuing situational commands to control the vessel.


The People Behind Unmanned Technologies

We highlight two UAV solutions developed by a team who worked tirelessly behind the scenes from conceptualisation to commercialisation.

How Coronavirus Could Accelerate Smart MRO in the Aviation Industry

The pandemic has accelerated the push for Industry 4.0 transformation. As early adopters and enablers of smart technologies, we are leveraging additive manufacturing to value add to our customers. 

Taking SME Partnerships to the Next Level

The Hunter programme alone involved more than 100 local SMEs, with a workforce of about 2,000 people, producing more than 1,400 parts in each vehicle.

Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining innovation comes from ST Engineering's collective sense of purpose that innovation as a destination isn't enough, and our collective belief that sustaining innovation as a journey leads to constant reinvention. It involves striving for innovation in all aspects of business-as-usual, examining the operations, management, divisions, suppliers, customers and finding a seamless and structured approach to deliver incremental but pronounced improvements in product and/or service delivery.

Mobility Solutions for Defence and Security

Innovation is at the heart of military modernisation, and the ideas and inventions that emerge from these innovations introduce new ways of fighting, organising and mechanising to gain military superiority. With decades of expertise in providing tracked mobility, wheeled mobility and unmanned mobility solutions to global customers, we offer a range of options from warfighters to autonomous systems of the future. Our capabilities are proven in actual duty and real-life scenarios in various parts of the world, where we have met armed forces’ requirements for enhanced protected mobility. 

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Modelling, Simulation and Edutainment

Innovators are seeing a future in modelling and simulation, for situations impossible or impractical to carry out experiments or tests. See your ideas in a virtual environment, at lower levels of costs and risks. Our simulated designs and model products optimise user journeys and outcomes, and our edutainment solutions prepare learners to be operationally and mission ready. 

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Sensors and Electro-Optics

Technology surveillance has paved the way for the strategic collection and use of data to provide greater customisation of services for various industries and sectors. Technology is also now an integral part of enterprise security operations. With new security challenges in the age of cloud computing and mobility, it is critical to protect our critical infrastructure through surveillance to ensure business continuity. 

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EcoServices’ innovative EcoPower wash system dramatically improves on-wing engine washing compared to traditional wash methods. The patented atomising nozzles produce a fine water spray which penetrates through the engine, cleaning all stages of the compressor and turbine. Side-by-side comparison tests with conventional wash systems show significantly better performance recovery. Using only heated de-ionised water, there is no risk of contaminating the engine or cabin air system. 

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Littoral Mission Vessel

Maritime innovation pushes the boundaries in how we design, construct and prepare naval ships for greater combat, defence and security superiority. Using an ecosystem of sensors and software interacting with data, and other forms of automation, the Littoral Mission Vessel is smarter, faster, safer and more efficient, bringing about greater competitive advantage. 

Promoting Innovation

To ready ourselves for the future, ST Engineering constantly prepares ourselves for the next wave of change with a sense of urgency towards innovation, harnessing technology in innovative engineering, and working together in a spirit of collaboration. Inspired and informed leadership guides our ability to evolve quickly, innovate and most importantly, interact with our customers.

Open Innovation Lab

Apart from being an innovation exchange for our engineers, Innosparks, our Open Innovation Lab, supports entrepreneurs and startups with resources and expertise to fast track their innovations to market. 

Our team of engineers at Innosparks has successfully developed commercial products with positive impact on our everyday lives.

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Corporate Venture Capital

We invest in promising technology start-ups with strong capabilities in data analytics, cybersecurity, robotics and autonomous technologies. Tech start-ups and early stage companies receive funding and access to the Group’s established business network and distribution channels. 

Our technology scouting offices in Singapore, the U.S. and Israel cover Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and the U.S.

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Technology Partnerships

In our quest to find answers to the most pressing engineering questions and bring new solutions to market, we collaborate with academic and industry partners to accelerate the development and adoption of new technologies.

In advanced robotics and autonomous systems, the ST Engineering-NTU Corporate Lab brings new innovations in airport precision and airside technology and in enhancing intelligence support for disaster relief efforts. The ST Engineering Electronics–SUTD Cyber Security Laboratory advances new frontiers in cybersecurity technologies and builds next-generation solutions and products that address both current and future cybersecurity challenges.

Building on our expertise in robotics and autonomous solutions, we launched the Singapore Autonomous Vehicles Consortium in April 2017 to facilitate and strengthen collaboration between industry partners and institutes of higher learning to develop AV standards and accelerate application and adoption.

To address challenges and meet the needs of growing Smart Cities worldwide, we established the ST Engineering-SUTD Centre for Smart Systems to facilitate the creation of Smart City solutions and provide a channel for these to be directly commercialised.


Strategic Technology Centres

Our Strategic Technology Centres (STCs) deepen our capabilities in data analytics and cybersecurity to deliver more powerful products and solutions which add value to our business.

At the Data Analytics STC, our data scientists, data engineers and data analysts develop machine learning algorithms, mine data, and generate analytical insights. Cybersecurity specialists at ST Engineering's Cybersecurity STC provide security assessments and advice and develop security technologies for strategic projects.