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At ST Engineering, we harness technology and innovation to enable a sustainable and secure world, so as to improve lives and solve real-world problems.

Our Innovation Approach

We drive innovation by deepening capability building in the Group, as well accelerate it by leveraging synergies and external capabilities.

Internally, our Group Engineering Centre and Group Technology Office strive to deepen our technology and engineering core. Our engineers and technologists are given opportunities to learn and grow through internal innovation competitions, cross-domain collaborations, and courses, as well as meet with customers to gain a deep understanding in evolving market demands and customer needs.

We also take an open innovation approach by collaborating externally to augment the Group’s businesses, and combine technologies and expertise to co-create breakthrough solutions, through corporate ventures, strategic technology centres, and Research Translation @ ST Engineering.


Group Technology Office
We look over the horizon to develop cutting-edge and multi-use technologies, leveraging our innovation ecosystem, to help our customers be future-ready.

Group Engineering Centre
We drive continuous innovation in five domains: Autonomous System-of-Systems, Cybersecurity, Smart Enterprise Platforms (including Data Analytics), Smart MRO and Video Analytics.

Strategic Technology Centres
Our Strategic Technology Centres deepen our capabilities in data analytics and cybersecurity to deliver more powerful products and solutions which add value. Our specialists develop machine learning algorithms, generate analytical insights, run security assessments and develop security technologies to enable impactful outcomes.

Corporate Venture Capital
We invest in promising tech start-ups with capabilities that augment our businesses, especially in high growth areas. We seek to establish collaborative relationships where we can combine technologies or expertise to co-create breakthrough solutions.

Technology Partnership
Innovation never happens in isolation, so we introduced Research Translation @ ST Engineering, partnering NUS, NTU, SUTD and A*STAR, where researchers will move their research into our premises and collaborate with our engineers in a common space to accelerate the translation of research into commercially viable offerings that will meet fast-evolving market needs and customer demands.


Through our innovation ecosystem, we give our engineers and technologists a space to cross-collaborate, explore progressive breakthrough ideas, make incremental innovations, and eventually translate them into solutions that will enhance our customers' business, whether that be to accelerate digital transformation or accomplish mission-critical operations.

Innovation Stories