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Mobile C4 Centres

The versatile and robust Mobile Command & Communication Platforms (MCCPs) serve as mobile C4 centres to support on-site mission planning and management of emergencies and disaster recovery. It is built for all-weather operations, enabling quick establishment of on-site Command and Control for effective and efficient personnel and resource deployment.

By using a truck of 28 tons (GVW), the MCH has an internal working space of more than 40sqm. This is three times its size in a closed configuration. With an enclosed floor space, the versatile vehicle incorporates support equipment and communication facilities that can be utilised to support on-site mission planning, command and control (C2) as well as inter-agency communications for large scale events, emergencies and disaster recovery. It can also be customised to provide surveillance, media briefing, conference facilities, office automation as well as voice, data and video communications with the HQ command centre for effective crisis management.

  • Provides more than 40sqm of working space
  • Provides automated deployment
  • Supports one/two side expansion
  • Supports interoperability between agencies
  • Supports voice, data and video communications


Key Features

Integrated Communication Systems

The MCCPs are equipped with our state-of-the-art Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) to provide seamless interoperable communication.

It ensures voice, data and video are transmitted in real-time between incident site(s) and HQ command centres.

Vehicular Design

The Mobile Command Hub (MCH) heralds a breakthrough in vehicular design where workspace is not limited by the size of the vehicle. It provides quick and fully automated expansion of the cabins and deployment of its internal consoles. The MCH provides the flexibility of expanding one or both side(s) of the vehicle body to suit different operational requirements.


Understanding that each operation is unique and requires different supporting equipment during the management of incidents, the MCCPs are designed for easy and versatile customisation to suit different operational requirements. Its equipment layout and operator console design is developed with full consideration of Human Factor Engineering (HFE).

This enables easy access to communication resources via an Integrated Despatch Console (IDC) that provides user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) required for optimised operational management.