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Leading the Way in Passenger-to-Freighter Conversions

Through our joint venture with Airbus, Elbe Flugzeugwerke, we are one of the world’s largest and most experienced solution providers for freighter conversion, and have redelivered over 400 aircraft through our Passenger-to-Freighter programmes since 1996. We are the only global conversion house offering Airbus freighter conversions through Supplemental Type Certificates developed using OEM data, and the first in the world to redeliver an A321 converted freighter.

Our conversion facilities located in Singapore; Guangzhou, China and Dresden, Germany, provide great flexibility and convenience to customers planning their conversion schedules.

To help address the increasing demand for airfreight and capacity, we also have innovative short-term solutions for passenger aircraft operators who wish to carry more cargo per flight.

Our Solutions

Airbus A330 P2F Programme

The A330P2F programme has two variants – the A330-200P2F and A330-300P2F. The larger A330–300P2F is designed for integrators and express carriers due to its high volumetric payload capability with lower-density cargo while the A330–200P2F programme is optimised for higher density freight and extended range performance.

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Airbus A320/A321 P2F Programme

The A320P2F with 11 main-deck positions is capable of carrying a payload of 21 tons while the A321P2F with 14 main-deck positions can handle up to a payload of 28 tons.

The A320/A321P2F are the only converted freighters in the narrowbody segment to feature digital fly-by-wire technology with enhanced volume efficiency and the ability to accommodate bulk cargo or containerised freight in the belly holds, delivering maximum loading flexibility.

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Aircraft Modification and Cargo Solution


For a swift yet reversible solution, we help passenger aircraft operators carry out modification to the aircraft cabin interiors for increased cargo carrying capacity. We obtained a Supplemental Type Certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for this modification in August 2020. 

Cabin Cargo Box

For aircraft operators who wish to carry more cargo each flight without the hassle of modification, our cabin cargo box solution achieves maximum cargo volume and ensures ease of loading and unloading.

Each box is designed to latch into predefined positions in existing tracks meant for passenger seats safely and securely. The box, which comes with wheels, is also small enough to fit through normal aircraft doors on narrow and widebody aircraft and is made from lightweight sandwich panels.

For a full cargo composition, 94 boxes can be installed on a A330-200 to attain a volume of up to 145m³ and a payload of nearly 19 tons cargo per flight.

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