Search ST Engineering

Powered by the AUTONOMAST™, the Venus USV comprises the Operation Control Stations (OCS), Cyber Secured Datalink Suite and USVs integrated with Mission Payloads. It is designed as a common modular platform to meet multi-mission requirements such as Mine Counter Measures (MCMs) and Maritime Security (MARSEC). Venus USV also has various commercial uses in the areas of Public Safety & Security such as Policing, Fire-Fighting (FiFi), Search & Rescue (SAR), and Underwater Survey and Inspection.

A highly customisable yet modular platform, its modular approach allows different mission modules to be integrated to the USV to execute various missions. The Venus USV is equipped with an all round visibility and robust perception suite that comprises radar and optical trackers, multi-sensor fusion and navigation charts to enable obstacle detection.

The Venus USV can navigate safely with its Collison Detection Collision Avoidance (CDCA) capability that abides by the rules of the road at sea (Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, COLREGS). The system is also well tested and proven in the congested waters and high traffic density of the Singapore Straits since 2008.

The Venus USV can perform autonomous waypoint navigation, dynamic positioning, manned-unmanned teaming, screening and blocking. It also comes with a Portable Remote Control Unit (PRCU) for remoted controlled or autonomous slip-off and berthing.

By performing dull, dirty, and dangerous missions, the USV reduces the risk of a loss of human lives, prevents human error, and frees up resources for higher value-added work.

Venus USV has established itself as the Maritime Unmanned Systems in the Jane’s International Defence Review since July 2013.