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Integrated Cabin Interior Solutions

We help aircraft operators enhance and differentiate the travel experience of passengers by providing comprehensive integrated cabin interior services. From freshening works to customisation and certification, we leverage in-house engineering capabilities for turnkey solutions. We know what it takes to bring conceptual design to full implementation when it comes to reconfiguration and refurbishment programmes.

We also do product development and can provide bespoke solutions to match existing needs, the latest being our suite of solutions to bring back passengers’ confidence in flying.

Our Solutions and Services

Turnkey Cabin Interior Solutions

We specialise in turnkey solutions for aircraft cabins from conceptual design, reconfiguration and refurbishment work, to programme management and certification. We also provide customised product development services from seats to cabin fittings such as galleys, lavatories and monuments.

Interior Part Manufacturing, Refurbishment and Part Manufacturer Approval Capabilities

Be it passenger service units, windscreens, class partitions or even stowage and overhead stowage bins, we are able to refurbish and restore used aircraft parts to mint condition.

Anti-Microbial Coating - Plasma ResoShield®

Operators looking to disinfect and keep their cabin interiors safe through a robust and lasting solution can look to Plasma ResoShield®, an industry-first anti-microbial coating solution with fusion resonance technology that fully meets aviation requirements.

Through the fusion resonance technology, Plasma ResoShield® creates a shield that neutralises pathogens even before the pathogens land on surfaces coated with Plasma ResoShield®. Its innovative neutralising capability promises high-impact protection lasting up to a year upon application. Based on ASTM E-1053, an accredited standard of testing, Plasma ResoShield® is proven to kill up to 99.99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Apart from being non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-toxic, Plasma ResoShield® has anti-bacterial and deodorising properties that help to improve the cabin air quality for a more pleasant flight.

Seat Separators - Shield+

We have designed a range of detachable seat separators, Shield+, that can be easily installed without the removal of any seat to allow for safe distancing and segregation between adjacent passengers. Our ultra-lightweight, retractable safe seating separators can be easily configured to suit varying cabin and seating sizes while maintaining existing cabin egress criteria and certification.

The World’s First Expandable Lavatory - ACCESS

We have designed an expandable lavatory, ACCESS, that provides a dignified and pleasant air travel experience to people with reduced mobility. The lavatory, through the use of a moving wall, expands to provide 40% additional space compared to a conventional lavatory on a single-aisle aircraft. This is large enough to allow a passenger in a wheelchair and a caregiver, if needed, to enter and use the facilities with comfort and privacy.

The patented design is able to achieve this while still maintaining the standard lavatory footprint – airlines do not have to alter their cabin layout or reduce seating capacity or galley space for its installation. It leverages existing structural attachment points, electrical and system connections to minimise the retrofit cost for airlines.

This inclusive restroom includes features such as a touchless infrared sensor toilet flush, floor-to-ceiling strip lighting, vanity and full-length mirrors and anti-microbial work surfaces, as well as anti-slip flooring and a range of grab bars for a stylish, relaxing yet practical space to heed the call of nature.

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