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End-to-End EV Charging Solution for a Smarter and Greener Future

ST Engineering’s AGIL Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging solution enhances operational efficiency and offers flexible EV operating models suitable for fleet owners, charge point operators, car park operators and property owners, helping them to fully embrace the benefits of EVs.

Comprising a modular EV management platform that supports a charging infrastructure catering to different charger makes and models, the solution is integrated with a mobile app that enables seamless payment and convenient access to real-time charging information.

  • EV charging management platform - modular and secure cloud-based; support multi-tenant
  • Mobile application integrated with payment options
  • 24/7 customer service (optional)
  • Installation and preventive maintenance services (optional)

Key Benefits

  • Faster time-to-market deployment
    Easy-to-customise EV charging solution that can be put into operation within weeks instead of months.
  • Increase operational efficiency
    Scalable and modular EV charging solution that can be customised to meet the business and operational needs of EV operators and fleet owners.
  • Uninterrupted fleet operations
    Ensure fleet has enough charge for scheduled tasks through dynamic load management and range monitoring.
  • Access to wider network of chargers and end-user base
    Use standard Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) to connect seamlessly with other electronic Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs). EV drivers can access a wider network of chargers while EV operators can increase their user base.
  • Minimise downtime with remote diagnostics
    Real-time monitoring with fault-recovery algorithms to reduce disruption to operations and maintenance efforts.

Redefine Smart Car Park Management with EV Charging

As more vehicles go electric, a one-stop solution that monitors and manages all EV charging and car park operations efficiently and seamlessly will be essential.

Developed as part of the AGIL Smart Car Park Suite, car park owners, operators and motorists can now benefit from an integrated management platform with mobile app that caters to both EV charging and parking needs.

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