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Before migration to the cloud, it is essential to determine the right approach for application modernisation and we recognise the various challenges to overcome prior to migration such as cost and risk scoring.

Perform effective workload transformation and cloud migration with our automated discovery and assessment solution. We provide a complete view of all services, applications and infrastructure dependencies with cloud cost visibility, simplifying and accelerating cloud adoption and migration from a few months to less than four weeks.

  • Undertake a comprehensive IT Infrastructure, Workload and Application assessment and understand your cloud readiness posture across these layers
  • Provide a detailed cloud service mapping report along with a detailed TCO and ROI analysis which can be utilised by your business stakeholders
  • Determine which cloud service provider is best suited for application or workload with cost analysis and rightsizing recommendations
  • Kick-off your workload or application migration in an intuitive and secure manner 



Discovery and Assessment Workshop

Eliminate complexities of migration workloads by automated workload transformation with comprehensive migration assessment when you engage us for a discovery and assessment workshop. Through this workshop, enjoy:

  • Automated discovery – get a complete view of all services, applications and infrastructure dependencies
  • Migration risk scoring – for visibility of service and application migration risks
  • Cloud migration assessment – to simplify and accelerate migration to less than four weeks
  • Cost optimisation – for better cost arbitrage opportunities

Application Modernisation and Containerisation

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for legacy applications. Many approaches can be adopted on the shift to cloud but it is important to adopt the optimal approach to speed up modernisation of legacy applications, to reduce time spent and have them well integrated to minimise downtime. With the right approach taken, multiple benefits await: 

  • Seamless integration – end-to-end scenario from discovery to transformation, deployment to optimisation within hours
  • Integrated solution - automatic containerisation for various types of applications
  • Compatibility with legacy systems - for legacy apps from at least 15 years ago
  • Single control plane - overview for migration and deployment across multiple clouds
  • Ease of adoption – integration with the existing application life cycle of Dev teams

Deploy and Manage Landing Zone

When enterprises and organisations migrate to the cloud, one of the key challenges is enforcing best practices, security, governance, and compliance regulations amongst departments.

With the AGIL™ Cloud Managed Landing Zone solution, you will experience:

  • seamless and secure migration to the cloud
  • a guided onboarding process with MSS Landing Zone run-book
  • consistent policy guidelines with our compliance guardrails to safeguard against a security breach that could impact reputation and financial loss
  • a head-start with our baseline environment, giving speed, scale and flexibility for your business with swifter time-to-market.

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