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Visibility and control are key drivers to achieve governance. Unlock real-time visibility and analysis of cloud management, spending, optimisation, security posture, streamline and improve operations. In addition, achieve workload portability through a single pane consisting of multiple cloud providers, easing services orchestration and enhancing integrated cloud operations dashboard.

In tackling security and data concerns, there is continuous risk posture and analysis according to standards such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA and customisable risk scores catered to your organisation’s needs.


Digital Privacy as a Service

We enable you to secure your data at scale (structured, unstructured, applications, databases/data warehouses, ERP/CRM systems, etc.) in an application agnostic fashion.

We offer capabilities such as Encryption, Anonymisation, Dynamic Masking, Tokenization and de-Tokenization - all from a single pane of glass.

GRC & Enterprise Risk Management as a Service

We support continuous compliance assessment and ongoing Authorisation To Operate (ATO) mission-critical systems.

  • Speed time to compliance for a faster start on achieving business and mission objectives
  • Continuously comply with leading security controls and standards and government security standards such as NIST, ISO, PCI and SOC
  • Manage your IT stack's (hybrid cloud infrastructure) security and risk posture on an ongoing basis with Real-Time audit and Automated Remediation & Documentation capabilities
  • Maintain the evidence you need for litigation and insurance claims in comprehensive electronic format - reduce audit timelines from weeks or months to hours or days

Polymorphic Operating Systems, Containers & Kubernetes

Polymorphing Operating Systems for Systems, IoT and Edge devices enables protection for known and unknown zero-day vulnerabilities - unpatched or patched. Build uniqueness into the operating systems for devices at scale from hacking, malware and ransomware.

  • Real-time zero-day attack detection, prevention and reporting
  • Protection against memory-based cybersecurity attacks
  • Control over the integrity and source of your packages
  • No runtime overhead or performance impact
  • High return on investment
  • Significantly reduced management overhead

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