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STA Inspection (STAI) operates two fully computerised vehicle inspection centres in Singapore. Established since 1982 with a licence from the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), we conduct roadworthiness inspection for all types of vehicles to ensure compliance to safety operations and environmental regulations.

Located at Jalan Boon Lay and Sin Ming, our inspection centres offer reliable, efficient and convenient one-stop service for the motoring community.

Our list of inspection checks includes:

  • Side slip test
  • Brake test
  • Emission test (for both petrol and diesel engine vehicles)
  • Lighting test
  • Sound level test
  • Above & under carriage checks

We also provide other inspection services such as:

  • Off-peak car seal check & installation
  • Private hire car decal inspection, installation & registration
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Airfield vehicle inspection
  • Compressed Natural Gas Inspection

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