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Our Board of Directors

The ST Engineering Board comprises 13 directors including 1 alternate director, of whom 8 are independent directors.

The Board is committed to upholding good corporate governance to create long term value for shareholders. It is accountable to shareholders for overseeing the effective management of the business, including providing guidance on matters of corporate strategy, business directions, acquisitions and divestments, risk policy, sustainability and the realisation of corporate objectives.

Kwa Chong Seng

Independent Director

Chairman, ST Engineering
Chairman, Strategy & Finance Committee / Executive Resource and Compensation Committee, ST Engineering

Teo Ming Kian

Independent Director

Deputy Chairman, ST Engineering
Chairman of Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd and Non-executive Director of Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited

Vincent Chong Sy Feng

Executive Director

Group President & CEO, ST Engineering

Kevin Kwok Khien

Independent Director

Chairman, Audit Committee, ST Engineering

Lim Ah Doo

Independent Director

Lim Chin Hu

Independent Director

Chairman, Nominating Committee,
ST Engineering
Partner, Stream Global Pte Ltd

Lim Sim Seng

Independent Director

Group Head of Consumer Banking Group & Wealth Management, DBS Bank

Ng Bee Bee

Independent Director

Chief Executive Officer, Pan-United Corporation Ltd

LG Ong Su Kiat Melvyn

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Chief of Defence Force, Ministry of Defence

Quek See Tiat

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Chairman, Risk and Sustainability Committee, ST Engineering
President, Council for Estate Agencies

Song Su-Min

Independent Director

Partner, Allen & Gledhill LLP

Tan Peng Yam

Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Chairman, Research, Development and Technology Committee, ST Engineering
Chief Defence Scientist, Ministry of Defence

COL Cai Dexian

Alternate Director to LG Ong Su Kiat Melvyn

Head, Joint Plans and Transformation Department, Ministry of Defence