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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

To maintain an ethical environment that encourages and promotes professional and ethical conduct of the management and staff members, a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics has been promulgated.

We believe that for a policy to be effective, it should be understood. The Code is therefore written in clear and simple language.

Our Code applies and is communicated to all employees of ST Engineering and subsidiary companies in which we have management control. All employees are briefed on the Code at least once every two years. Contractors, consultants and agents are required to act consistently with the Code when acting on our behalf.

The Code reflects our expectations of responsible behaviour towards our material sustainability issues. It sets out the guiding principles and desired behaviour with which our people are expected to operate, and embraces the business practices and standards of behaviour that support our commitment to honest and ethical business conduct. Many standards set out in the Code have also been embedded in various policies and procedures.

Violations of the Code, as well as violation of laws or regulations, or any other wrongdoings may be reported through the whistle-blowing channel. The whistle blowing channel is published in the employee intranet portal. Employees can report to the channel on an anonymous basis. Subject to applicable laws, the identity of the employees who raise any such reports is kept in strict confidence and they are protected from any disciplinary or retaliatory action arising by reason of their having made these reports. All fraud and suspected fraud cases received through the whistle-blowing channel are notified to the Audit Committee Chairman. The Audit Committee has the powers to inquire into the concerns raised.

To download a copy of our Code click here.