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We begin our materiality assessment from the outputs of the our Enterprise Risk Management Framework which identifies the top risks and opportunities of the Group. We next determine their materiality by considering both financial and non-financial impact and implications for our key stakeholders. Responsibilities for management and reporting are then assigned for each material ESG factor identified.

The Group first conducted its materiality assessment in 2013 and undertook a review in 2015. In 2019, the material ESG factors were re-organised into ten factors under the categories of Environmental, Social and Governance and aligned with the UN SDGs for greater focus and clarity.


We recognise the increasing urgency and importance of combating climate change. We believe in conserving the use of resources, reducing pollution and waste, and ensuring that our operations are conducted efficiently. Likewise, pollution and waste have to be stringently controlled to protect the environment and communities where we operate. As a global technology, defence and engineering group, we also believe in the development of greener products and services as our contribution to a more sustainable future.

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We have an obligation to our stakeholders to remain as a vibrant sustainable enterprise. Fair compensation, people development, and the safety and health of our employees are important to us. In addition, we adhere to labour laws and regulations wherever we operate and have zero tolerance for unethical labour practices such as child labour, forced labour, slavery and human trafficking in any of our operations. We anticipate customers’ requirements, deliver quality products and services, source responsibly and invest in communities where we operate.

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We are a firm believer of good corporate governance, supported by an enterprise-wide risk management framework and backed by a strong Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Besides meeting legal and regulatory requirements wherever we operate, our management systems are aligned to international frameworks and standards. 

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