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We have been reporting aspects of our sustainability efforts since our formation in 1997 and in 2011, evolved that into a sustainability segment within our annual report, guided by Singapore’s internationally benchmarked Business Excellence Framework. In 2014, we formalised that into our maiden Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with GRI Standards: Core Option, and with reference to the LBG framework for corporate community contributions. In 2016, we further aligned the Sustainability Report to the SGX Sustainability Reporting Guide and renamed the ST Engineering Risk Review Committee as the Risk and Sustainability Committee (RSC) to formalise its oversight of sustainability matters.

In 2019, we affirmed our support of all the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and identified six goals where the Group has more contributions in terms of our internal practices, and the products and services we offer to our customers.

Sustainability matters are governed by the RSC, which is in turn supported by the Business Excellence and Sustainability Council (for environmental and social aspects), and the Risk and Assurance function (for governance aspects). Each material ESG factor is driven by a committee or support function which is responsible for the Group’s performance in the area and the continued effectiveness of supporting systems and processes.

Risk & Sustainability Committee

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals