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The ST Engineering-NTU Corporate Laboratory is a joint research lab set up to develop advanced robotics and autonomous systems that will improve airport operations and disaster rescue efforts. The lab is a public-private partnership to find new innovations in airport precision and airside technology, such as baggage transfer systems, aerobridges and aircraft tow trucks and in enhancing intelligence support for crisis management.

Launched in 2015, the ST Engineering-NTU Corporate Laboratory combines the expertise in robotics and autonomous systems of both partners. Our collaboration aims to develop advanced robotics and autonomous system technologies – systems that can collect data and make decisions on their own.

We develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can boost our capabilities in a wide number of fields. Crucial to our work are three areas – AI in Engineering, Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping and Robotics for Security and Surveillance.

Using our deep domain expertise, we apply the technologies in a variety of fields such as autonomous vehicles, security and video surveillance. AI has also been used for scanning, sensing, mapping and navigating for both internal and external environments.

Autonomous Systems

AI in Engineering

We are expanding the potential applications of Extreme Learning Machines and Deep Learning in autonomous vehicles, security and video surveillance, improving the performance of image/video tagging and retrieval as well as remote sensing. Today, we work with our partners to apply the evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI) in engineering, creating new possibilities as we advance research projects and deliver new products and solutions to customers worldwide.

Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping

Scanning, sensing, mapping and navigating are key areas where artificial intelligence can enhance. With advanced algorithms, multiple robotic systems can quickly create maps of internal and external environments. We are applying our expertise in sensor systems and the latest in simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) in robotic systems.

Addressing Robotics for Security and Surveillance

Our proven track record of developing security, surveillance and tracking systems enables us to understand our customers’ needs for high performing, precise and well-designed systems. We are applying the latest hardware and software techniques to improve image and video clarity under rain and haze conditions, aiding video data processing and the utilisation of robotics for security and surveillance.

Airport Operations

Making use of the latest in robotics systems in logistics, our innovative solutions are helping to make airport airside operations less labour intensive and raising operational efficiency. One example of this is the Passenger Boarding Bridges. Our enhanced algorithms have enabled us to perform this through a robotics system instead of a human operator. The automation of the docking process is only possible with engineering expertise and knowledge in sensors and technologies. This innovation is one example of the synergy within ST Engineering - our advanced sensors, technologies, emphasis on safety and reliability and our strong understanding of the aerospace sector.

Our work goes beyond that. In the field of assisted devices, we are developing Smart Wheelchairs that safely and comfortably transport groups of passengers and help airport operators reduce manpower by utilising fewer airport service staff. Instead of one airport staff member assisting each passenger on a typical wheelchair, the smart wheelchair is designed to enable a convoy – one following the other – to reach a destination safely. This helps in reducing the airport service staff required.