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Advancing Innovation

Innosparks, an ST Engineering Open Innovation Lab, is the first of its kind engineering-based incubator in Singapore. As a dynamic innovation platform and springboard to new and disruptive technologies, the Open Innovation Lab offers a pool of skilled engineers, beyond just advanced equipment and labs to support innovators in accelerating the development of their ideas to prototypes and products.

Open Access

Designed for open access, Innosparks aims to accelerate technology innovation, encourage experimentation, foster entrepreneurialism and collaboration with our resident team of engineering experts, while attracting the best and brightest engineering talent and ideas.

Open to local and international start-ups and early stage companies as well as ST Engineering engineers, Innosparks offers multi-disciplinary applied engineering capabilities through facilities such as a Mechanical & Control Lab, Electronics & Electrical Lab, Material & Chemical Lab, Software Lab and Design Lab, and a full suite of prototyping and development equipment. It is sited in Singapore’s JTC LaunchPad @ one-north, a vibrant and nurturing environment for start-ups and incubators.

Our resident engineers have successfully developed commercial products with a positive impact on our everyday lives. After the severe haze situation in Singapore in 2013, we sought to redefine protective masks for everyday users. Our extensive research and development led to the invention of the AIR+ - our award-winning innovation in protective mask technology paired with the world's first attachable ventilator – the Micro Fan, specially designed for children and adults. We have since expanded our range to include AIR+ Kids, a first-of-its-kind protective mask system for young children aged three to six years old; and AIR+ ActivePro, the most breathable protective mask system for professional users.

Following AIR+, Innosparks developed the Airbitat City Cooler, a revolutionary portable evaporative cooler that is 50% more effective than conventional evaporative coolers. With its innovative Reevac™  Deep Cooling technology, the Airbitat City Cooler delivers powerful yet sustainable cooling to city spaces. 

Learn more about our Open Innovation Lab.

AIR+ Technology

Building a better mask meant understanding how we are designed by nature to breathe. Applying engineering innovation, we redefined protective masks for consumer and industrial users and developed AIR+, a breakthrough in protective mask technology paired with the world's first attachable ventilator – the Micro Fan - specially designed for young children and adults.

Our consumer range provides breathable comfort and protection for children as young as three years old to adults, while our industrial range provides breakthrough breathing comfort for professional users in dusty and polluted work environments.

Learn more about our award-winning AIR+ family protective mask system and AIR+ industry-standard protective mask system.

Airbitat City Cooler

The Airbitat City Cooler is 50% more effective than conventional evaporative coolers with its Reevac™ Deep Cooling technology, delivering powerful cooling to city spaces. Ideal for cooling open spaces, the Airbitat City Cooler provides relief from urban heat even in challenging environments.

With no energy-hungry compressors, the Airbitat City Cooler consumes up to 80% less electricity than air-conditioning of a similar capacity, and does not generate any waste heat to the environment. Without the use of chemical refrigerants and CFCs, or harmful chemical emissions, the Airbitat City Cooler delivers deep cooling which is environmentally friendly and sustainable to operate.

Learn more about the Airbitat City Cooler.