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Our People

Investment in our people is the key to our continued success and delivery of strategic advantage locally and globally. Our Employee Value Proposition articulates our commitments in:

  • Investing in high performing teams by providing continuous development opportunities to our people, nurturing and grooming leaders;
  • Providing continuous learning and development opportunities to strengthen our technical and leadership competencies;
  • Developing a workforce that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, guided by our core values;
  • Rewarding excellence and encouraging work-life harmony.

Nurturing Our Global Workforce

21,584 employees in 2016

People Excellence

  • Training and Education

    Investment in our people is the key to our continued success locally and globally. The recruitment and retention of qualified and experienced personnel is critical to achieving the Group’s strategic objectives. We continue to work with local communities in markets where we operate, and leverage training, retention schemes, scholarships as well as alternative sources for hire to sustain growth. Our talent management programmes also help to create a pool of potential successors for key positions.

  • Career Development

    Our training development plan and performance management system work in tandem to support the career progression of our employees. The Group provides employees with various opportunities for career progression. As an engineering company, employees may move up the general management track, or along the engineering specialist path. The two distinct career tracks provide room for career growth for employees with different aspirations. Employees who are versatile can move between tracks to gain exposure.

  • Rewarding Our People

    We offer competitive remuneration, and reward contribution with performance-based pay and bonuses. Regular salary reviews are conducted to ensure that our remuneration package remains competitive. We grant eligible employees performance shares with PIs that drive efficiency, productivity and profitability. The Group also gives out awards to recognise deserving employees.

  • Promoting Work-Life Harmony

    We recognise that employees increasingly seek a balance between work and personal life. We provide a supportive work environment with a degree of work schedule flexibility through a framework for flexible work arrangements.

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    We are committed to ‘Safety Before Profit’. We recognise that good health and safety improve work effectiveness, employee morale and our reputation; we are also aware of the negative impact that leads to lost time, higher costs and delays. To provide a safe working environment, we have integrated safety measures into key business activities with detailed workplace health and safety (WHS) policies.

    The Group also seeks continuous improvement through proactive hazard and risk identification and constant monitoring of safety targets. We have also initiated various programmes and activities to raise WHS awareness and inculcate a safety culture in all employees. These include regular safety briefings and training, health talks and recreational activities.


    Our Safety Records

    Singapore Operations

    More information on our Occupational Health and Safety performance can be found in our Annual Report'