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Enabling Education, Through Internet Access, in Haiti

Delivering Broadband Connectivity to Kay Anj Village in Haiti

In 2014, ST Engineering subsidiary, VT iDirect, together with LBiSat and the Helping Haitian Angels (HHA), delivered broadband connectivity to the orphaned and abandoned children of the Kay Anj Village, providing them with the opportunity to engage in distance-learning. HHA is a non-profit organization formed to provide medical care, shelter, food and clean water for the children of Cap-Haitien.

By providing access to the internet, the children of Kay Anj Village could tap into digital resources and interact with educators and fellow students from around the world. In addition to creating the infrastructure necessary for connectivity, an employee of iDirect, with LBiSat trained locals on the details of the system, empowering the local community to control their own connectivity and deal with issues that may arise. We aim to use its expertise and global reach to bring access and connectivity to areas in the world where it is most needed. Through empowering disadvantaged communities, we hope to build brighter futures through the transformative power of technology.

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