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Unmanned and Robotics

Unmanned systems and robotics are now an essential part of the digitised battlefield, increasingly taking on reconnaissance, surveillance, and even combat support operations in place of troops. ST Kinetics provides customised land mobility solutions for a wide range of missions.

Built-in Intelligence

ST Kinetics offers more than a decade of experience in unmanned mobility development with man-portable robots for surveillance and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive (CBRNE) operations, as well as robotic wheeled and tracked vehicles.

ST Kinetics has also partnered with leading technology developers around the world to bring highly integrated platforms to the market.

Our latest development is the highly adaptable Jaeger UGV. Based on a proven commercial skid-steer chassis, the vehicle can be outfitted with a wide range of payloads to address specific mission requirements. Jaeger is also equipped with proprietary control algorithms that enable it to operate semi-autonomously with a high degree of safety, making it a suitable alternative for labour intensive missions such as perimeter security and logistics support.

Products & Solutions

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