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Soldier Systems

The modern day dismounted soldier faces even more challenges in the digitised battlefield,requiring a high level of protection and situational awareness in order to be effective.

Cognisant of these challenges, ST Kinetics is developing the Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment (ARIELE), which combines the latest in tactical communications, surveillance, and protection technologies in a compact and ergonomic ensemble. Besides enhancing tactical fighting performance, ARIELE exploits information from the C4ISR network to elevate the soldier’s situational awareness.

Soldier of the Future

ST Kinetics’ ARIELE system is specifically designed to address the challenges of the modern battlefield.

The modular system currently comprises eight performance augmentations. These include advanced eyewear capable of projecting mission critical data for improved situational awareness lightweight multi-hit armour that provides increased protection, as well as next-generation fuel cell and kinetic energy recovery technologies that extends the soldier’s operating envelope.

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ARIELE - Army Individual Eco-Lightweight Equipment

Components of the ARIELE System


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