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US ADR Disclaimer

An American Depositary Receipt ("ADR") is a negotiable receipt issued by a US depositary bank to represent a specified number of ordinary shares of a non-US issuer that has been deposited with the depositary bank or its custodian. As of 10 October 2008, certain amendments to US securities laws became effective which made it easier for depositary banks to establish unsponsored ADR programmes without the participation or consent of the issuer.

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd has not authorised and does not support or encourage the establishment of any unsponsored ADR programmes in respect of its securities and disclaims any liability in connection with any unsponsored ADRs. Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd also does not represent to any depositary bank nor should any depositary bank rely on a belief that Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd publishes on its website or any electronic information delivery system all information in English currently and on an ongoing basis required to claim or maintain the exemption from registration under Rule 12g3-2(b) under the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

About The Group

  • What business is ST Engineering in?

    ST Engineering is an integrated engineering group specialising in innovative solutions and services in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors.

  • Where are ST Engineering's main operations?

    The Group is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Who are the members of ST Engineering’s Board of Directors and what are their responsibilities?

    Information on the Board of Directors and their responsibilities is available here.

  • Where can I find information about ST Engineering’s business sustainability policies?

    Information on ST Engineering’s business sustainability approach and policies is available here.

  • Who are ST Engineering’s independent auditors?

    ST Engineering’s independent registered public accounting firm is KPMG LLP.

  • What is ST Engineering’s credit rating?

    ST Engineering has a triple-A credit rating from Moody’s and S&P.

About The Stock

  • When and where is ST Engineering listed?

    ST Engineering was listed on the main board of Singapore Exchange (then the Stock Exchange of Singapore) in December 1997.

    ST Engineering is also a component stock of the Straits Times Index, MSCI Singapore and the SGX Sustainability Leaders Index.

  • Where can I get the current ST Engineering’s stock price?

    A 10 minute delayed price as well as other related share information are available here.

  • Who are ST Engineering’s shareholders?

    Temasek Holdings has direct and deemed interests of 1,583,265,574 ST Engineering shares or about 50.7% of total issued share capital as at 30 December 2016.

    The rest of ST Engineering shares are widely held by major institutions and funds worldwide, and retail investors.

    You may wish to refer to Shareholding Statistics as outlined in our Annual Reports for more information.

  • What restrictions are there to owning ST Engineering shares?

    There are no specific restrictions to local or foreign ownership of the ST Engineering shares. However, if any one company or individual wishes to own 15% or more of ST Engineering's issued shares, then the Special Member's approval would be required. The Special Member is the Minister for Finance, who owns one Special Share.

  • I am a shareholder and wish to change my particulars, e.g. mailing address. Who should I contact?

    Singapore's Central Depository (CDP) maintains the registrar of shareholders' information for all companies listed on the Singapore Exchange.  You must contact CDP directly for changes in your personal particulars:

    Central Depository
    Central Depository
    9 North Buona Vista Drive
    The Metropolis
    Singapore 138588
    Hotline: +65 6535 7511

  • Who can I contact for distribution list subscription and/or shareholder queries?

    Our Investor Relations team is available to respond to any questions you may have. Kindly reach out to them at +65 6722 1849 or

    Alternatively, please sign up for our mailing list to receive latest updates from ST Engineering.

  • When is the next annual general meeting?

    We are holding our Twentieth Annual General Meeting (AGM) at The Star Gallery, Buona Vista, Singapore on 21st April 2017. Information on AGM is available here.

About Dividends

  • What is your dividend policy?

    We will continue to pay out a substantive portion of our earnings as dividends unless there are changes to our cash requirements and subject to retained earnings balance. We remain committed to create shareholders' value through the EVA approach to managing business and this approach will continue to guide us in terms of dividend policy.

  • Do we consider absolute dividend payout or payout ratio as a basis for return to shareholders?

    Dividend ratio may not be our biggest consideration taking our past track records into account. We return value to our shareholders based on long-term fundamentals or long term outlook of our business.

  • How often do you distribute dividends and when is your ex-dividend and dividend payment date?

    Since inception in 1997, ST Engineering has declared dividends every year. Ex-dividend date for dividends declared for the preceding financial year is usually in late April or early May and payment date is usually later in May.

    Information on ex-dividend and dividend payment date is available here.

  • What do you mean by "one-tier" in your dividends declared?

    From 2003 onwards, ST Engineering's dividends are based on one-tier tax system. As such, dividends declared after 2002 will not be taxed the corporate tax rate. Shareholders will receive the net amount of dividends as announced. Thereafter, shareholders will be taxed on dividend income based on their individual tax brackets after the annual income assessment from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.

  • Why did the company stop declaring special dividends for financial year ended 31 December 2016?

    We have been consistently returning value to our shareholders and we are confident of our ability to sustain the dividend payout.

About Financials

  • When is ST Engineering's financial year end?

    ST Engineering's financial year ends on 31 December.

  • Where can I find historical financial reports?

    Historical quarterly financial reports and earnings webcast are available here.

  • When is the next quarterly results announcement?

    Indicative dates for ST Engineering's financial results announcements and investor relations calendar are available here.

  • Can I attend ST Engineering’s quarterly results briefing?

    You may wish to join us via our live webcast where you can view the presentation and submit questions online. Webcast link will be made available closer to announcement date on our corporate website and SGX announcement.

    Alternatively, please sign up for our mailing list to receive latest updates from ST Engineering.

  • How can I obtain a copy of your annual report?

    Annual reports are archived here.

    To request a print copy of our latest annual report, please reach out to the Investor Relations team at

  • SGX has recently amended its Listing Rules to allow for electronic transmission of Documents. What is ST Engineering's position on this?

    The shareholders had, at the last AGM held on 21 Apr 2016, approved the adoption of our new Constitution which allows for electronic transmission of our Annual Report.

    The Group support such a move and will consider doing away with mailing out annual report CD-roms for FY2017 and onwards, and post our AGM documents on our corporate website. Shareholders need not worry about not being familiar with accessing information on our website. 

    If the Group adopt the electronic transmission method for FY2017 annual report, shareholders will still receive hard copies of our Notice of AGM, Proxy Form and Letter of Request. Shareholders can request to receive hard copies of Annual Report and related documents. 

  • My family receives several copies of ST Engineering's annual report every year. To avoid wastage, can you make sure that only one copy is sent to each household?

    Under the Singapore Companies Act, every shareholder must receive a copy of the company's annual report. We understand that this may lead to wastage, for example having more than one copy delivered to each household. However, the current regulatory environment does not provide for such a distinction.

  • I wish to attend the various investor events as listed on your investor relations calendar. Who should I speak to?

    As a result of our constant review and improvement of our disclosures, the Group reports many of its investor relations events on its website to give shareholders a better understanding of its investor relations activities throughout the year. Unfortunately, attendance at these events is by invitation only.

    Investors however are welcomed to participate in our quarterly results briefing via a live webcast. Webcast link will be made available closer to announcement date on our corporate website and SGX announcement.