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Advanced Engineering Centre

Driving Future Technologies and Capabilities

ST Dynamics is the Advanced Engineering Centre for ST Engineering. We spearhead the development of a broad portfolio of future technologies and capabilities for ST Engineering.

As a system house which develops advanced engineering systems, we help customers address their complex technical challenges in areas of unmanned systems, machine vision, sensors network and software algorithms. 

We are also an incubator for new technologies and emergent business concepts for ST Engineering. Over the years, we have developed capabilities in systems engineering, processing algorithms for videos, images and sensors, and the deployment of wireless sensor networks. 

  • In systems engineering, our systems design for unmanned platforms, sensors, communications networks and more, are enabling us to forge ahead into new business areas. 

  • Our processing algorithms enable industrial machine vision applications as well as safety monitoring systems.

  • In the area of wireless sensor networks, we have capabilities in infrared, acoustic and magnetic sensor integration, mobile sensor node tracking and more.
Additive Manufacturing Centre

Additive Manufacturing Centre
The Additive Manufacturing Centre provides pioneering 3D metal printing for the region and supports ST Engineering's product development efforts. With an in-house team of experienced designers and application specialists, it brings more than 15 years of relevant experience to projects that require precision and high-quality.

As a one-stop solution provider, it offers 3D metal printing for design, scanning, modelling and simulation, production, post-processing, testing and certification. This translates into reduced manufacturing constraints and faster product development.