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ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems) is a leading provider of advanced simulation systems, edutainment solutions, training and consultancy services.

A Leading Advanced Simulation and Training Solutions Provider

We offer a full spectrum of simulation, edutainment and training solutions that encompass the aviation, maritime and land domains. Our simulation systems accelerate training outcomes, while our edutainment solutions educate, engage and inspire. We help our customers achieve optimal levels of operational efficiency and performance with quality training programmes and support services. We safeguard commercial, industry and government establishments with turnkey security management and consultancy services.

We empower customers to attain training and organisational excellence through:

  • Simulation and Training Systems
  • Edutainment Solutions
  • Training and Consultancy Services

Featured Solutions

Deliver scenario-based, customised driving programmes for professional drivers

Conduct emergency-handling drills in realistic environments

Create immersive learning environments with our edutainment solutions

Products & Solutions

  • Virtual Simulators

    • Air Simulators
    • Land Simulators
    • Maritime Simulators
  • Live Training Systems

  • Procedural and Command Trainers

  • Edutainment Solutions

    • Simulation-based Learning
    • Learning Systems
    • Location-based Entertainment
  • AR and VR Solutions

  • Products and Software

    • Simulation Software
    • Healthcare
    • Enterprise
  • Training and Consultancy Services

    • Simulation Training Centre Management
    • Defence & Maritime Training and Education
    • Security Management and Consultancy


ST Electronics (Training & Simulation Systems)

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