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Having begun operations in Guangzhou, China, during 2007 to provide aviation logistics for aircraft components, ST Aerospace Guangzhou Aero-Technologies & Engineering today handles import, export, warehousing, logistics and other related activities.  These include aircraft component leasing, repair, exchange and trade.

We operate a bonded warehouse within the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Logistics Zone, and work closely with the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs to facilitate the clearance of goods, providing seamless access to the rest of China.

Responsive and Reliable Services Aircraft Component Services

Our competitive edge lies in our unique warehousing options that enable manufacturers and service providers to pre-position stock close to their customers, as well as through aircraft component exchange and related programmes.

Our strategic location, coupled with a close working relationship with the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs and logistics service providers, enables us to efficiently perform import, export and component management services.

We are fully equipped to support customers via the Aircraft Component Exchange Services programme in China.  Manned by professional and dedicated staff, we offer cost effective and optimised solutions for all aviation logistics needs.

We connect customers with the rest of the world through a number of ways.  With our component distribution in China, we are able to provide a storage of pool access aircraft components for customers in our Guangzhou warehouse.

At the same time, an Import/export gateway enables us to facilitate efficient import and export operations through customs.  Meanwhile, our repair management services enable the movement of unserviceable components to various repair shops in and out of China, and the return of serviceable components.


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