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Elbe Flugzeugwerke

Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) combines various aviation and technology activities under one roof, including freighter conversions, as well as aircraft maintenance and repair, and engineering services.  We also design and manufacture flat fibre-reinforced composite structures and interiors for Airbus aircraft.

Conversion for New Missions

Through our unique conversions, passenger aircraft such as the A330 and A320/A321 have been converted to carry cargo as freighters.  Flying a mixed fleet of the converted A320/A321P2F and A330F/P2F or other Airbus passenger aircraft will reduce an airliner's operational cost for crews and crew qualification.

Our conversion has carried many firsts.  For example, the unique fuselage design of the A320 and A321 allows containerised freight to be carried in belly holds.  This delivers more loading flexibility compared to pure bulk cargo loading and far quicker turnaround times on the ground.

The A320/A321P2F will also be the only freighters in this narrow-body segment to feature digital fly-by-wire technology, and at the same type rating with its larger Airbus family members.

The reduced noise and CO2 emissions will improve the acceptance of this type of freighters worldwide in future.  Reduced fuel burn and maintenance cost per block hour will also help reduce operational cost compared to current generation narrow-body freighters.

Converted for a new mission

Passenger aircraft converted to air freighters can bring benefits such as reducing operational cost for crews and crew qualification.

Quality of Our Work

  • Airbus A330 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F)

    For our A330P2F freighter conversion programme, we have two variants – the A330-200P2F and the larger A330-300P2F.  Of the two models, the larger A330-300P2F will be particularly suitable for integrators and express carriers due to its high volumetric payload capability.

    With 26 main-deck positions, it will be able to carry up to 61 metric tonnes of structural payload.  Meanwhile, the A330-200P2F will be optimised for higher-density freight and longer range performance, with up to 23 main deck positions, and capable of carrying up to 59 metric tonnes of structural payload.

    At the end of 2014, EgyptAir Cargo became the launch customer with a contract signature for two A330-200P2F conversions, and confirmed the conversion of a third aircraft in 2016.

  • Airbus A320/A321 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F)

    In 2015, ST Aerospace signed another agreement with Airbus and EFW for the launch of the A320/A321P2F conversion programme. Under this agreement, ST Aerospace will lead the A320/A321P2F engineering development, working in tandem with Airbus and EFW, with conversions to be undertaken in ST Aerospace's global network of facilities.

    The A320/A321P2F programme includes two variants - the A320P2F and the larger A321P2F. The A320P2F, with 11 main-deck positions, will be able to carry up to 21 metric tonnes of structural payload, while the A321P2F, with 14 main-deck positions, will be able to carry up to 27 metric tonnes.


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