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Military MRO

ST Aerospace’s military heritage dates to 1975, when we were established as a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service provider to provide airframe maintenance for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).  Today, we have supported over 1,500 military aircraft globally as a global MRO leader.

Our military MRO capabilities range from depot-level maintenance, aircraft structural modification and upgrades, installation and rewiring of avionics and electrical systems to flight line operation for both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

We are equipped to provide extensive maintenance capabilities for a wide range of fighters, transport and trainer aircraft as well as helicopters, including the F5 Tiger, F16 Falcon, A4 Skyhawk fighters, C130 Hercules, Fokker 50, KC135 Stratotanker transport aircraft as well as the H120, Super Puma and Chinook helicopters.

Reflecting our advanced capabilities, we are also an authorised service centre for C130 Hercules transport aircraft.  In addition, customers can access a wide range of military component and engine MRO.

For military components, we service key avionics and mechanical components such as radar & communication equipment, electromechanical & electronic instruments, gyroscopic Instruments; as well as landing gears, wheels and brakes, propellers, piston engines, and environment control systems.

For engines, ST Aerospace has established a stellar experience in servicing the following engines: General Electric J85 and F110-129C, Pratt & Whitney F100-200 / 229, Honeywell T55, and Rolls Royce / Allison T56 / 501.

Modernising a Fleet

  • C130 Hercules Modernisation Programme

    As an approved Lockheed Martin Hercules service centre, ST Aerospace is the premier one-stop centre for the C130 Hercules aircraft.  We provide airframe, engine and component MRO, landing gear and parts support, as well as modifications that include obsolescence upgrade, aircraft systems/avionics modernisation and structure life extension.

    Today, we have redelivered more than 600 C130 aircraft, providing nose-to-tail solutions to C130 operators globally.  For C130 modernisation programmes, system upgrades may include avionics upgrading from analog to digital systems, replacement of older gas turbine compressors/air turbine motors (GTC / ATM) with newer auxiliary power units (APU), and upgrading of environmental control systems (ECS) to higher-cooling capacity versions.

    In 2007, the RSAF became ST Aerospace’s first customer for C130 glass cockpit upgrades for the modernisation of its fleet of 10 C130 aircraft.  In 2012, ST Aerospace was awarded a contract from the Royal Air Force of Oman, for a full-scale maintenance and modernisation solution for three of its C130 aircraft.

  • Helicopter Avionics Modernisation & Operational Capability Upgrades

    ST Aerospace is equipped with the capabilities to provide avionics modernisation as well as operational capability upgrade and obsolescence management solutions for helicopters.

    Our proven solutions include integrated digital glass cockpit upgrades, a complete digital automatic flight control system and a dual independent rescue hoist system.

    In addition, ST Aerospace is able to carry out a customised design and equipment installation for the Aircraft-Ship-Integrated-Secure-&-Transverse (ASIST) system to allow for sea-borne applications.  With this, helicopter operators are able to fly more often, and mission effectiveness is also greatly enhanced.