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Commercial MRO

We are the world’s largest commercial airframe MRO service provider, having topped the charts in six consecutive Airframe MRO rankings by achieving 12 million manhours in 2014, according to biennial survey results published in Aviation Week & Space Technology in 2015.

High Quality, Timely, Reliable

Operating a global network with facilities and affiliates in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, ST Aerospace’s comprehensive suite of capabilities covers airframe, component and engine MRO for a wide customer base that includes the world’s leading airlines and airfreight operators.

Customers enjoy a high quality, timely and reliable maintenance programme which can be fully customised.  Since 1990, our Singapore-based MRO operations have completed over 10,000 commercial aircraft heavy maintenance and modifications.

High quality, timely and reliable

With extensive experience and know-how, ST Aerospace’s MRO services to commercial customers have been highly recognised in the industry.

Wide Spectrum of MRO Services

  • Airframe MRO

    With hangar facilities capable of accommodating 40 wide-body, 27 narrow-body and 24 general aviation aircraft simultaneously, ST Aerospace provides support on a wide range of customers worldwide.

    Our airframe MRO service offerings include line, light and heavy maintenance, transit/turnaround servicing and checks, structural repair and modification work, service bulletin/ airworthiness directive compliance and modifications, full-scale modernisation, cabin reconfiguration, and green harvesting.

  • Component MRO

    ST Aerospace provides repair and overhaul services for more than 25,000 mechanical and avionics component types fitted on various Airbus and Boeing aircraft and helicopters.

    An appointed service centre for leading OEMs, we also provide services for avionics (including flight computers, electrical, radar/communications, instruments and displays) and mechanical components (including heli-dynamics, landing gears, aerostructures, hydraulics, pneumatics and propellers).

    Customers also enjoy a wide range of aircraft component management and support services.  This includes our in-house, trademarked Maintenance-By-the-Hour (MBH™) programme (for which we are supporting a fleet of more than 600 aircraft worldwide).

    We also provide material supply programme support, warehouse and material management, Aircraft-On-Ground spares and service support, aircraft parts trading, aircraft operating lease as well as OEM representation.

  • Engine MRO

    With facilities in Singapore and China providing an annual capacity of more than 300 engines, ST Aerospace offers engine total support with a full spectrum of services in close partnership with the engine OEMs for a wide range of commercial aircraft engines.

    This includes the CFM56 family, GEnx-1B, GEnx-2B, General Electric J85 / F110, Honeywell T53 / T55, Pratt & Whitney F100, Rolls-Royce / Allison T56 / 501, Turbomeca Makila, as well as the International Aero Engines V2500 engine.

    Our comprehensive suite of engine capabilities includes engine repair and overhaul, engine component and accessory repair, engine fleet management, on-wing and off-wing maintenance, asset management, MBH™ programme support, engine wash, engine partdown, as well as engine leasing.

    Our aim is to cover almost every part of the value chain of engine maintenance support to offer holistic service to customers.