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Aircraft Interiors

As a global leader in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities, ST Aerospace has been steadily moving up the value chain to provide integrated cabin interior solutions.  These range from turnkey cabin interior reconfigurations for commercial and VIP aircraft, to product development such as seating solutions and various cabin products.

Beyond expectations

Our cabin interior services range from turnkey cabin interior reconfigurations for commercial and VIP aircraft, to product development such as seating solutions and various cabin products.

Aircraft Seats

Our line of economy class seats are among the lightest in its class.

Integrated Cabin Interior Solutions

  • VIP Completions

    ST Aerospace’s VIP completions brand, AERIA Luxury Interiors, brings over 150 years of experience and more than 50 interior completion projects for aircraft belonging to VIPs and Heads of State worldwide.

    Located in San Antonio, Texas - deemed as the birthplace of large-cabin VIP completions – and now with an extended wing in Singapore, AERIA brings the sophistication and refinement required to deliver solutions that meet the highest requirements.

    We have been endorsed by the world’s leading aircraft OEMs – we are both an Airbus Corporate Jet service centre and an approved Boeing Business Jet completion centre.

    We are well-equipped to offer a wide range of maintenance services for ACJ aircraft, as well as a complete suite of life cycle services - interior design, completion, maintenance, product development and integration - for BBJ operators through our global network.

  • Turnkey Cabin Interior Solutions

    A one stop service centre for cabin interior services, ST Aerospace has been transforming customers’ aircraft cabins through complete turnkey solutions – from conceptual design to full implementation of the reconfiguration and refurbishment work.

    This includes engineering design, modification kit manufacturing, aircraft modification, certification, as well as overall programme management.

    We are also involved in product development, from seat design to the development of cabin interior products (such as galleys, lavatories and monuments).  One unique advantage we offer is the ability to leverage our worldwide network to offer bespoke products to customers.

  • Aircraft Seats

  • Interiors Parts Manufacturing, Refurbishment and Parts Manufacturer Approval Capabilities

    ST Aerospace’s aircraft MRO facilities - which are certified by the US FAA and EASA for both Boeing and Airbus aircraft - are equipped with the necessary capabilities to refurbish over 2,200 base parts, ‘reviving’ these parts to a ‘like-new’ condition.  This includes passenger service units, windscreens, class partitions, stowage and overhead stowage bins.

  • Composite Structures & Interiors

    ST Aerospace’s subsidiary Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) is Airbus’ appointed OEM for the development and manufacture of fibre-reinforced composite components for structures and interiors of the entire Airbus family and a risk sharing partner of Airbus for the A350XWB programme.

    As a first-tier supplier for composite passenger and cargo floor panels for all Airbus aircraft, we design and manufacture a wide range of lightweight aircraft cabin interiors, including passenger and cargo floor panels, heated floor panels, cargo compartment linings, class dividers and housings

    We also develop aircraft monuments, bullet-proof cockpit doors, overhead compartments, crew rest compartments and diverse range of customised aeronautical products

    Our lightweight aircraft components are design-optimised, according to the application area and specific operational requirements, such as load and force transmission, and acoustic noise reduction.

    Passenger floor panels design is additionally adjusted to fatigue requirements, while cargo floor panels are primarily impact-optimised.