Format Chapter File Size
Full Annual Report 2006 5.43MB
The Winning Spirit 639KB
ST Engineering At A Glance 119KB
Letter To Shareholders 2.13MB
Financial Highlights 088KB
Board of Directors 139KB
Senior Management 309KB
Organisation Chart 046KB
Corporate Governance 127KB
Corporate Social Responsibility 069KB
Environment, Health and Safety 052KB
Investor Relations 091KB
Human Resource 148KB
Awards and Commendations 088KB
Operating Financial Review
   Land Systems
Directors' and Auditors' Reports 191KB
Financial Statements 070KB
Notes to the Financial Statements 396KB
SGX requirements and Shareholding Statistics 069KB
Sectoral Financial Review 080KB
Group Structure 041KB
Notice of Annual General Meeting 037KB

Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
Annual Report 2006: The Winning Spirit

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